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I am a tuba player, and I used to be a part of a brass trio called the Mountain Brass Trio (The trio also has a homepage. Check it out!) Unfortunately, though, the trio hasn't practiced or performed in a while since our members are now widespread apart. Al, one of our euphonium/trombone players has moved to North Carolina, which makes things very difficult for us to get together.

For community groups, I sing Bass I in the Mount Washington Valley Choral Society, under the direction of Michael Martin, as well as serve as assistant conductor for the ensemble. I play tuba for the Mount Washington Valley Band, under the direction of my brother, Joshua Newton.

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At USM, I am involved in several different performing groups:

  1. The USM Concert Band, under the direction of Doctor Peter Martin, is one of the premier ensembles in the Northeast.
  2. The USM Wind Ensemble, also conducted by Doctor Martin, is made up of the principal brass and percussion players in the Concert Band. This group performs pieces for brass choir, double brass choir, and all genres from Contemporary to Renaissance.
  3. The USM Tuba Ensemble, coached by Scott Vaillancourt, is a rather unique ensemble, indeed!
  4. The USM Chorale, conducted by Doctor Robert Russell, is made up of about 100 students.
  5. The USM Chamber Singers, also conducted by Doctor Russell, is made up of about 30-40 students. This group performs mostly a cappella music from just about any time period.  I went on a tour of Vienna, Venice, and Paris a few years ago with this group, and this coming May, we're headed to the British Isles.  I can't wait!
If you're interested in attending USM in the near future, you can write to this address:
Office of Admissions
University of Southern Maine
37 College Avenue
Gorham, Maine 04038-1083
Or, you can e-mail them at

I also like to listen to music. My favorite types are jazz and classical, but I can pretty much tolerate anything except rap or country (blech!). I love music to death, and hope that I can make it my career.

What's my favorite piece of music? The Gloria, by John Rutter.