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About the Man Known as Lesser


Hmmmmm, where do I begin.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.... no, no, after that.... long long ago, on a planet far far away.... whoops sorry, that's already taken... oh yeah, here we go: And now for something completely different!

I was born in Quincy, Massachusetts to Brian and Lorraine (Robertson) Newton, and spent the first 8 years of my life in Raynham, Mass with my brother JoshI went to Raynham Central and North Schools (don't remember which order) until 3rd grade, when I started at John Fuller Elementary in North Conway, NH.  I spent 4th grade at the Jackson Grammar School in Jackson, NH, and then 5th-8th grade at Josiah Bartlett Elementary/Jr. High School in Bartlett, NH.  From there, I spent 9th-12th grade at A. Crosby Kennett High School, where I received my high school diploma *applause*.

I have four older siblings, Josh, whom I mentioned above, and Cathy, Beth, and Donna, my sisters/second mothers (no, no, this isn't one of those inbred family deals, don't even think about it! ).  You see, Donna, the youngest of the three girls, is 9 years older than I am (On a side note, she also just turned 30... hah hah Donna! ), so all three really played the part of mom whenever they needed to.  Cathy is married to Richard Cabral, Jr., and together they have two children, Christine Rose, turning 14 in December, and Richard, III, turning 12 in December (you know what's cool?  Chris and Ricky have the same exact birth date, two years apart!  Amazing! ), and they all live in Attleboro, Massachusetts.  Beth is currently a single parent to Allison Lynn Fahey, turning 4 in January.  Beth is formerly married, living in NH with her boyfriend, John (sorry, can't remember his last name , I'll get it up here, John!).  Donna is currently living out in Flagstaff, Arizona, with Lori Lutz and her (Lori's) two children, Michael and Garrett.  Josh is currently living in Brunswick, Maine, with his rather newlywed wife Jennifer (Cooper), and newly born son Holden James.  Congratulations you guys, and my best wishes!

I am currently attending the University of Southern Maine as a Music Education Major at the University's brand new School of Music (ok, so technically it's not brand new, but it only got the title of School of Music in the summer of 2001, before that it was just the Music Department at USM.  Hey, whatever works for marketing, I guess ).  I am in my first of two senior years at the SoM (yep, I'm on the five year plan).  My GPA is currently a modest 3.33.  I play the tuba and I also sing.

So there it is, all out on the table so you can blackmail me.  Good luck, and may the wind at your back always be your own.

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